Dental Costs

Please Note: Dental costs are estimated and may vary based on factors such as whether the procedure is for a Canine or Feline, the breed, age, weight, and specific needs of the animal.

Dental Cleaning and Surgery

Does my pet really need a dental cleaning?

Yes, your pet does, at least once a year. Your dog or cat NEVER brushes their teeth and tartar and plaque build up rather quickly. Just like with human teeth, this build up of tartar and plaque can cause gum disease.

After your pet receives a dental cleaning, they will be sent home with a dental report card to go over your pet’s dental health. If any oral surgery is needed, it will be gone over at this time.

Dental Package - No X-Rays


During the procedure, you can expect the following things:

  • Physical removal of plaque and tartar from visible areas
  • Probing of the pet’s dental sockets to check for signs of periodontal disease
  • Polishing of the tooth surface to remove scratches that could harbor bacteria
  • Inspection of the mouth, tongue, and lips for other problems such as oral papilloma, cancers and more

Dental Package - Dental X-Rays Included


We are pleased to announce that we offer the option of dental radiographs for your pet! Some benefits of dental radiographs are:

  • Allowing us to visualize the parts of your pet’s teeth that are underneath the gum line
  • Allows a better assessment of the overall oral health of your pet
  • Some of the conditions that can be found, but are not limited to: bone loss, tooth resorption, abscesses, retained roots and fractures.

Oral Surgery

$93 – $200

Larger tooth such as the canine or carnassial (molar) where the tooth is deeply rooted in the bone.


Exposed root, chipped or broken tooth.

Below you will find the 3 levels of surgery and cost

1.Minor Surgery:


2.Moderate Surgery:


3.Major Surgery:


Feline Dental - Full Mouth Extraction


Whether due to gum disease, trauma or some other reason, many cats may need one or more teeth removed during their lifetime.